Activity Report 2011

December 17 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

We held the final cleanup of 2011.
Rainy weather was canceled for October / November for 2 consecutive months, but the weather is sunny at the end. I was able to decorate the end beauty (?).
There are 165 participants! Moreover, the highest record is updated.

This time as the end of the year, with gratitude and labor feelings to everyone who participated for 1 year,
We held a small social gathering.
In the annual annual annual award for prizes, 14 people also won this year. It is a thought that my head really goes down.

Roppongi Cleanup in 2011 was held ten times in total, and a total of approximately 1,400 people participated in the event.
In addition, we collected about 100,000 pieces of plastic bottle caps a year. (125 polio vaccines)
Thank you very much for your cooperation.

We will continue to clean up the city of Roppongi safely and happily in 2012 as well, so thank you and always keep in touch!

Thank you very much for participating in Roppongi Cleanup this year for a year.
We are looking forward to your participation next year from the bottom of my heart.

The next cleanup is normally held on Saturday, January 21.
We are waiting for your participation.

November 30 (Wed) Heisei 20th Health and Beauty Seminar 2011

"The 4 th Health and Beauty Seminar of Heisei Heisei 2011" sponsored by health cosmetics group was held.
This theme is "Winter". Teacher 's teacher is Professor Jenny Ushiyama and Professor Katsue Ito.

To Professor Jenny, introduce a menu that is easy to taste in the cold winter, for families and closest friends and tableware,
At the end of the lecture, we cook dishes using vegetable protein, vegetable oil, vitamin-rich avocado and villain,
Everyone participating was delighted.

Professor Ito taught us how to use cream to protect your skin from fingertips and drying in winter, and skin care for parties.
In the one point make-up of the season, I was eagerly asked to devour everyone.

The next event is scheduled for February.
looking forward to!

Friday, November 11 Festival meeting

On the day of full moon on November 11 (Friday) we held the "Omimi no Kai" at Residence B building meeting room.

If it was sunny, the full moon was supposed to be on the sky above the east sky, Tokyo Tower, but it is unfortunately rainy.
It was not possible to do the moon viewing.

Still, about 60 people gathered in the gathering room, with sake and hand-made dishes, respectively.

To rice balls and Izukari sushi, sweets with cakes, ice cream, hors d'oeuvres, fruits,
Beer, wine, champagne, sake, shochu, soft drinks and warm coffee.
Things that can be enjoyed from children to adults have been rowed on the table.
Thank you very much for those who took in and those who brought in.

I think that everyone who participated enjoyed a relaxing time in a homely atmosphere.
Next time around February, we plan to hold winter gatherings. Everyone who did not participate this time, please look forward to next time.

October 29 (Sat) Happy! Halloween 2011

"Happy! Halloween 2011" was held again this year.

Families and couples who made various costumes, couple, and many people came to Roppongi Hills Arena.
This year also a lot of disguised costumes such as witches, wizards, princesses, angels, pirates, guy bones etc. appeared.
Approximately 4,000 people attended.
March through the city with brass bands at the top. Grab the snack at the Mori Garden in front of the goal. Everyone was in a state of delight.

October 22 (Saturday) - 30 (Sunday) The 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival

"The 24th Tokyo International Film Festival" was held for 9 days from October 22 (Saturday) to Sunday 30 (Sunday).

In the opening event "Green Carpet" on 22nd, more than 3,000 people last year, 5,000 spectators came to the road along the road.

A lot of spectators arrived at Roppongi Hills Arena at the outdoor screening (sponsored by Minato Committee) held on Saturday, 29th (Sat)
We enjoyed 6 animations. Two of them also had live dubbing by voice actor.

On the last day, the audience ceremony award ceremony held on the 30th (Sunday), this year TOHO Cinemas was the venue and a screening was held after the awards ceremony.

The prize-winning work is "a pig that fly in Gaza".
From Mr. Hara, Chairman of the Self-Governing Association, who is also a full-time venue and Chairman of the Minato Committee, to Silvin Estvar coach,
A prize of 10,000 dollars was handed over.

At the award ceremony on the 31st (Sunday) the next day, it was a work called "the strongest two people" who won the prestigious Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix.

Regrettably this year, if you missed, please look forward to the next year by all means.

October 21 (Fri) and 25 (Tue) Heat Supply Facilities Tour

" Roppongi Hills Heat Supply Facility Tour" was held on both the 21st and 25th October.
It is the second time we will hold it in 2007, four years ago.

This time we have informed you about the schedule for 2 days, but we received an application from a lot of people,
Some people were rich enough to leak out of the election.

First of all, in the seminar room of Roppongi Energy Center, after viewing the overview video of the power generation facilities and heat supply facilities,
Mr. Kikuchi of Roppongi Energy Center received supplementary explanation.

After the explanation, it is a tour of the heat supply facility.

In terms of security, we were unable to see the power generation equipment, but in the great noise of absorption refrigerator and boiler, participants wear wireless earphone and explained to Mr. Kikuchi using microphone It was a guide while having you.

After returning to the seminar room Q & A session. Everyone was asked an eager question, and the scheduled one hour passed quickly.

Despite the daytime on weekdays, everyone who participated, thank you.

October 16 (Sunday) Participation in Minato City comprehensive disaster prevention training in Heisei 23

I participated in "Minato-ku Comprehensive Disaster Preparedness Training" held at Roppongi Junior High School.

9:00 in the morning, every autonomous member gathered before TSUTAYA TOKYO ROPPONNGI,
It is training from moving to Roppongi Junior High School which is designated as a reproach place.

In the schoolyard of Roppongi Junior High School which is a venue, smoke house experience, fire extinguishing training, destruction training of the border wall of the veranda of the apartment,
Everyone enthusiastically participated in handling training of chain saws and rock drills, first aid training, explanation of how to handle AED, and so on.

Participants in the general disaster prevention drills were about 800 people in the Azabu area town councils.

Finally, it ends with deliciously serving pork soup and cooked rice made with cooking drills.

Had you participate Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association everyone of the members, it was cheers for good work.

October 15 (Saturday) Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup

Prior to the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival, the "Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup" was held.
Roppongi cleanup every October is carried out in a form participating in this activity.

It rained on the day or stopped. Furthermore, the wind is strong, the weather is so rough that the transportation will be affected.
Although I was bothered by the decision to implement until just before the start, in consideration of the safety of everyone who participates,
Unfortunately the ceremony was held only.

In spite of such weather, 331 people gathered together.
In addition to usual cleanup members, neighborhood towns and shopping districts, administrative agencies, staff of film festivals,
It has become the number of the highest number of participants since the festival clean-up began.
Thank you very much for everyone who came in the rain.

At the ceremony, there are greetings from Mr. Minato committee chairperson, Mr. Takei Minato, Yoda Chairman,
Also, for all those who gathered, there is also a present for movie tickets to be seen during the period from the festival.

Cleanup has been canceled, but the actual performance of the festival is from October 22 (Saturday).
Please take a chance on this opportunity to watch a lot of movies and enjoy the autumn of culture and art!

The next cleanup is normally held on Saturday, November 19th.
We are waiting for your participation.

September 28 (Wed) Heisei 3rd Health and Beauty Seminar 2011

"The 3rd Health and Beauty Seminar of Heisei Heisei 2011" sponsored by health cosmetics group was held.
This theme is "Autumn".

"Tired of getting tired and getting tired in the summer, putting strength" About Jenny Ushiyama, Mr. Ito about cooking and summer fatigue skin countermeasures
I got a story for about 2 hours.

Mr. Jenny talked about the efficacy of seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Also, this time it is actually feasting this time, such as rice balls to give strength and vinegared using crab, which is a high quality protein,
Participants were delighted.
Dr. Itoh gave a summer damage to how to use the make-up water to reset the skin, a method of massage to counterbalance skin,
I also gave lectures on seasonal one-point make-up.

Participants were listened intently enough to forget the time.

The next event is scheduled for December.
looking forward to!

September 17 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

Although it was not stable this month, I managed to hold a cleanup anyhow.
Thank you, 148 people who participated, cleaned up in the hot and humid environment.

About 6,000 caps of PET bottles gathered this month. It is cumulative since it started in November 2009, and it is about 220,000 pieces.
Converting this to the polio vaccine cost, it will be about 275!
"Dust builds up as a mountain". Everyone, thank you for your cooperation.

Next month will be "Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup", so we will take time to collect cap,
We will continue to thank you in the future!

So the next event is from October 15 (Sat) 10: 00 ~ (9: 30 reception start).
As mentioned above, since it will be held in the form of participating in "Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup", the holding time will be different from usual,
Please be careful not to make a mistake.

We are waiting for your participation.

September 11 (Sunday) Oshikoshi pick up

This year, there was a delivery of a shrine from 'Motoazabu Hikawa Shinko Shrine', and we greeted about 500 people.

September 11th at 4 p.m., 6 town association union leaders of Motoazabu Hikawa Shrine in front of gate tower.
There are six oshiki shrines, and the power of everyone carrying it is a perfect score. It was an ornate gift full of lively vigor.

In addition to rice ball pickups, in addition to about 600 rice balls, fried and bite donuts and drinks were also prepared for picking up the shrine, but all were well received.
It was out of stock in no time.

Thank you very much for everyone who helped me pick you up.

August 19 (Sat) - August 21 (Sun) Roppongi Hills Bon dance 2011

Roppongi Hills Bon Odori was held for three days from August 19 when the hot summer until the previous day became cool like a lie.
Unfortunately we could not have the weather, but we came to many people, the circle of the dance is a traffic jam, the gourmet stalls are long lines ...
And it showed us more than usual bustle.

This year, I invited 3 prefectures of Ichinomiya, Miyagi and Fukushima, and introduce the traditional arts and food culture at the Bon odori venue.
It included the desire of the soul to Tohoku and the desire of reconstruction.
The following amount of money was gathered by the cooperation of everyone in fund raising activities carried out at three places inside the venue.
Gathered donations, Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association which is a member TV Asahi I was allowed to be donated to the "Doraemon fund-raising" of.
Everyone who helped us, thank you very much.

【Donation fund donation activities】
Reception period: Friday, August 19 to Sunday 21st
Reception place: Roppongi Hills Bon Dancing venue
Donation amount: ¥ 234,337 -
Donation: TV Asahi Doraemon Donation (remitted on August 29)

Everyone who came to the venue, everyone who excited festivals through stall management,
And, everyone who came from Tohoku far away, thank you very much.

August 20 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

Cleaning up in August was held under the sky that the sky was cloudy sky, no matter when it started to rain.
It was a temperature I felt even chilling, thanks to rain on the previous day, but it may have been exactly right to clean up.

There were 131 participants this time.
Because it was a Bon Festival period, I thought that this month is a little bit · · ·, it was a number exceeding the previous month.
Everyone, thank you very much!

The photograph is the activity scenery of 4 groups. Mr. Esashi of the Mori building Photo: .
It seems that there were many women in the 4th group this month (it is not on purpose). I feel gorgeous in the cleaning scenery (haha)

The next event will be held on Saturday, September 17.
We are waiting for your participation.

August 19 (Friday) Rakugaki Raku Music

"Rakugaku Rakugaku music" was held on August 19 (Fri) of the Bon Odori Eve festival.

In addition to 37 dancers of "Odoraku" who practiced repeatedly from July 14 th (Thursday) about 1 month ago,
On the day, 52 people including "koto", "treasure" and "baby" participated from the residents association.

Although it was an unfortunate weather called heavy rain during the day, rain also rose just before the actual turn,
Many audience members came to the arena which became the venue.

Everyone who was a tense face at the time of entering, according to the rhythm of the resonating Dontsuko when the actual starts,
I showed off a dance that inspired the soul.

This year's directorial accompaniment such as co-star with Hayate Ikehin Kagura (Hayaichi Kagura) in Iwate Prefecture,
In the end it was a wonderful performance where everyone in the participants could finish with a smile.

Those who participated, those who took a look at the venue, those who cooperated in various scenes, Thank you very much everyone.
I will participate next year too! I want to participate by all means next year! Everyone, we will be waiting.

August 1 (Monday) - August 14 (Sun) Morning Tai Chi

Roppongi Hills Summer Festival "Morning Tai Chi" was held.
This year, which is the ninth year, about 500 people everyday without stopping by rain all day
I enjoyed Tai Chi in the arena where a comfortable morning wind blows through.

Everyone who was awkward at first, but everyone was awkward, but after 14 days practice,
On the last day, 500 breaths gathered together showed a perfect fit. That sight was a masterpiece.

Everyone who participated for 14 days, everyone who helped the reception, and Teacher Truth North Korea, thank you very much!

August 11 (Thursday) Roppongi music "Odoraku" practice session report ②

Roppongi raku celebrating six years. Five of the six practice sessions of this year's "Odoriku" have ended, and the actual number has finally approached.

The 4th and 5th practice sessions were held with the gymnasium of Roppongi High School.
The veteran participant is the one who is serious enough to acquire the movement of the intersection which becomes one of the highlights of this year, the member who participated for the first time to learn a dance with a dynamic feeling.
The order of arrangement in the production was also announced, and the tension of the participants is increasing more and more.

The next practice session will be held at Roppongi Hills Arena from 18: 30 August 18 (Wednesday).
And the actual day is from 18:30 on August 19th (Friday).

Congratulations on your support, thank you!

July 28 (Thursday) Roppongi music "Odoraku" practice session report ①

The practice session of Roppongi music "Odoraku" has finally started this year.
Starting July 14th, I have practiced three times already every Thursday.

This year, about half of the participants are fresh at first participation.
Meanwhile, members who have participated for six consecutive years! As well as members who participated for the first time,
A new movement is added to the veteran group to dance, and it is practicing full of heat more than usual.

A social gathering was also held after the third practice session (July 28).
Here, the theme of this year 'soulful' was announced.

From next August 4, due to the movement that imagined the actual number, it will be practice to transfer the venue to Roppongi High School gymnasium.
It is one month until actual production. Three practice sessions will be left and the tension of the participants has gradually increased.
It is also noticeable how hard you can inspire the soul with intense dance as it seems!

The actual day is August 19th (Friday).
Everyone, thank you for your support at the venue!

July 16 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

Saturday 16th July It is fine Weather temperature 34 degrees.
The cleanup of this month was held under the weather of "Summer!"

Despite this heat, 116 people gathered together.
Everyone who participated, cleaning in the hot, I really appreciate your work.
As I worked hard, Starbucks' s ice coffee & iced after finishing was exceptional!

About 8,000 caps of PET bottles gathered this time.
It is an amount that can be exchanged for about 10 polio vaccines. (I am sorry that there are no pictures.)
Continue to thank you for your cooperation.

The next event will be held on August 20 (Saturday). " Roppongi Hills Bon Odori" will be held this evening in the evening, so please look forward to it!

Well then, the hot day continues. Please take good care of yourself!

June 22 (Wednesday) Heisei 22rd Health and Beauty Seminar 2011

"The 2nd Health and Beauty Seminar of Heisei Heisei 2011" sponsored by health cosmetics group was held.
This theme is "summer".

"Summer in which sweat a lot and the body's moisture tends to be insufficient" for good cuisine and UV protection measures,
Dr. Jenny Ushiyama and Mr. Ito gave us a story for about 2 hours.

Dr. Jenny gave me a snack of plum with sweet and sour throat agar.
Plum has long been said to be a panacea drug without a doctor, it seems to be effective for various physical disorders such as appetite promotion, fatigue recovery, antibacterial action and so on.

Mr. Ito talked about protecting your skin and scalp from summer ultraviolet rays on summer lotion usage and summer hair care.

After the lecture, there were many enthusiastic questions from participants,
Mr. Jenny, Professor Ito was kind enough to answer, it was as if everyone was convinced.

The next event is scheduled for September.
looking forward to!

June 18 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

157 participants of today! It is a record update for a long time!
At the time of application, it was a bit more, but someone with a day off is coming ....
It did not become a big record. It is because the weather is Bimi.
Still, there is no doubt about record update. Thank you very much for your participation.

Well, there were many people who participated for the first time today.
Meanwhile, there are groups of pretty T - shirts! Team Google people.
They came wearing T - shirts of a variety of companies with everyone. Each dress is very nice.

And the reason why I photographed the scenery this time was the sub leaders of the 2 teams,
Ishiguro of Coca-Cola East Japan chain store store sales. (Thank you very much!)

As it was raining yesterday, it seems that there were a lot of trash in the umbrella today.
"There were lots of garbage for a long time, so it was worth picking up!" I have heard the impression.

Even so, the recycling center is also crowded when the number of people is large (lol)

The next event is normally held on Saturday, July 16.
We are waiting for everyone's participation!

May 21 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

It's May sunny! The weather said. It is finally getting sweaty season.
There were 148 participants this time. Regrettably the most record update one step ahead! It was place.

This time as well, there are many first-time people and old-fashioned people who continued from last month, and the atmosphere that made it more warm than ever.
(Reimu alumni association feeling ??)
It is glad that the number of friends will increase like this.

It was the sub leader of the 4th group, Mr. Tomi of the Mori Building, who took the picture this time. (Thank you very much!)
They have been cleaning the Azabu Juban area.

This Roppongi Cleanup, recently the participation of young and old and women and even foreigners, has increased, and the scenes where English flies are also thriller.
The management staff also struggles with unfamiliar English conversation, while working hard using gestures (bitter smile)
From now on, overcoming the generation gap, the language barrier,
I would like to communicate firmly with everyone!

About 10,000 caps were gathered this time.
Your cooperation and next meeting is normally held on Saturday, June 18th.
We are waiting for your participation.

April 20 (Wed) Heisei 20 Health and Beauty Seminar 2011

"Heisei 23 Health and Beauty Seminar 2011" sponsored by health cosmetics group was held.
This theme is "spring".

Regarding "Good Spirit for Cells Awakening and Metabolism Becomes Active" and about Caring for Spring Skin,
Dr. Jenny Ushiyama, Professor Hyodo for about 2 hours, I got a story.

Dr. Jenny introduced me the dish using green peas,
I treated the juice with good carrot, apple, celery etc for stress relief.

Every teacher told me a very important story for spring and everyone was listening very enthusiastically.

Also this time at the surprise, there is a Mini Concert of Dr. Masayoshi Shimo, a lecturer at a Hollywood Beauty College,
The meeting place was very exciting.

The next event is scheduled for June.
looking forward to!

April 16 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

We held a cleanup in April in a spring-like and comfortable climate.
This time there are a lot of nostalgic people, who participated for the first time, 142 participants in all! It's over 140 people long time ago.

After all departing for cleaning, there are also happening stuffs that scatter cap gathered ...
It was fun to hold a smile this time as well.

Cleaning while walking for an hour, the temperature which sweats indeed.
"Aisu coffee" after the end was very delicious.
Thank you Starbucks, always!

The number of caps collected this time is about 12,000.
(About 15 poliovirus vaccines in terms of cost.)
Because we will continue collecting caps in 2011,
Your cooperation, thank you.

The next event is normally held on Saturday, May 21.
We are waiting for everyone's participation.

March 27 (Sun) Roppongi Cleanup

We would like to express our sincere condolences to those who were affected by the major earthquake that occurred on March 11th.

For today 's cleanup, we changed the original schedule (Art Night Special) and held it in the usual way.
There were 125 people who gathered.
Cleaning in the cold, thank you for your hard work!
(The cap of PET bottles collected this time was about 12,000 pieces.)

And at this time we donated money for donation and collected relief supplies sent to the afflicted area.
Many people have cooperated and a lot of donations and goods have really gathered.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

  • Details will be reported separately on this website.

Holding next month is usually held on Saturday, April 16th.
We are waiting for your participation!

March 17 (Thu) - 19 (Sat) Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association Reuse Activity

As the second step of the reuse activity, we collected stationery from March 17 th (Thursday) to Saturday, 19 th (Saturday) this fiscal year following collection of mobile Tel last year.
A lot of people participated and 9 cardboard boxes were gathered, including pencils, ballpoint pens, writing boxes, notes, rulers, pencil sharpener.
The donated stationery will be donated to elementary and junior high schools in Ghana of Africa through NPO EDO.
Thank you very much for everyone who helped you on the day and cooperated.

Below are the names of people who donated. (In no particular order)

Ryoko Jimbo (Roppongi Hills Residences), Yasushi Hara (Roppongi Hills Residences), Mika Miyamoto (Mori Building Co., Ltd.), Michiyo Yamanami (Ponte Vecchio), Eiichi Tachikawa (Hollywood Co., Ltd.), Yasuko Taguchi (Roppongi Hills Residences), Kaori Arai (Roppongi Hills Residences), Yoko Kasai (Roppongi Hills Residences), Yuki Kawabata (Roppongi Hills Residences), Mei Kawabata (Roppongi Hills Residences), Yuri Kawabata (Roppongi Hills Residences), Natsuki Ito Mr. (TOHO Cinemas), Mr. Reie Tomonaga (Barclays Capital), Mr. Masami Muto (Roppongi Hills Residences), Mr. Hideko Kato (Neighborhood), Mr. Satoshi Noda (Shintei Security), Mr. Nobu Yamamoto (Capital), Mr. Mitsue Yoshida (Goldman Sachs Securities Co., Ltd.), Mori Arts Center, Momoko Hoya (Advantage Resourcing Japan Co., Ltd.), Yoko Yamamoto (Yamamotogu Store Co., Ltd.), Mori Building Co., Ltd. Information Systems Department, Kazuo Furuike (Roppongi Hills Residences), TMI General Law Office, Nobuo Arakawa (Mori Building), Yoshiko Ozaki (Roppongi Hills Residences), Tetsuji Takeyama (Roppongi High School), Noriko Wakamatsu (Roppongi Hills Residences), Strawberry (China) Trust), Arai like (Chinatrust), Nobuo Kato (Roppongi Hills Residences), Kumakura TatsukiHitoshiitoguchi like (Roppongi Hills Residences), stationery store alpha notebook-like, Seiji Watanabe (Roppongi Hills Residences), floor west clothing like (Roppongi Hills Gate Tower), Yukihiro Yagi (neighborhood), Kyoko Yagi (neighborhood), Yoshiko Komai (Roppongi Hills Residences), Akiko Komai (Roppongi Hills Residences), Yoko Awano (Roppongi Hills Residences), Takuya Komai (Roppongi Hills Residences), Ikuko Iida (Roppongi Hills Residences), Keisuke Ishii (Roppongi Hills Residences), Yoshie Uryu (neighborhood), Hirokazu Sekino (Roppongi Hills Residences), Yasuyo Saito (neighborhood), Gentaro Ishii (Roppongi Hills Residences), Isoda (Roppongi Hills Residences), Yasuko Mori (Roppongi Hills Residences), Taku Mori (Roppongi Hills Residences), Keiji Wakimoto (Mori Memorial Foundation), Satoshi Seike (General) Information), Irie Miyake Design Office Co., Ltd.

Here, we introduced only those who got approval for the name posting, but many other people have cooperated in addition to this.
Thank you very much.

March 17 (Thursday) "Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake" donation fund donation activity · Relief goods collection activity report

We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to everyone affected by the North Pacific Coast Earthquake,
We pray from the heart for the earliest possible reconstruction of the disaster area.

By the way, in this self-governing association, in order to support the people affected by the earthquake this time, fund-raising activities of donation,
We conducted relief goods collection activities.
Thanks to the cooperation of many people, we were able to gather a lot of donations and goods as follows.
Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Below, I will report.

【Donation fund raising activities】
Implementation date:

  • March 17 (Thu) - 19 (Sat) [Reception place: Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association reuse activity stationery collection reception]
  • March 27 (Sun) [Reception place: Roppongi Cleanup Reception]

Donation amount: ¥ 129,090-
Donation destination: Japanese Red Cross Society (remitted on 30th March)

【Relief Goods Collection Activities】
Implementation date: March 27 (Sun) [Reception place: Roppongi cleanup reception]
Collection items: Canned food, cup noodles, seasoning, retort cooked rice, etc. Approximately 2800 meals (73 boxes of cardboard)
Donation: "J-WAVE Heart to Heart Connect, Project Kokoro" Project Secretariat (Delivered on March 27)

February 19 (Saturday) Roppongi Cleanup

"Extreme cold". The cleanup of this month was also held to the end.
Too cold weather, changing the reception place to surpass the wind.
Among them, 108 staff participated, and all the management staff were deeply impressed.

Well, this time we took pictures, Nakao of Starbucks coffee who participated in the 5th group.
And the group photo (right) is Photo: before departing last month. (Please answer the request from some people ...)

Everyone, clean up in the cold, thank you for everything.

Next month will be "Roppongi Cleaning Association × Roppongi Cleanup Art Night Special 2011"
It is March 10th (Sunday) from 10: 00 ~ (9: 30 reception start).
Tokyo Midtown will be a collection, so please be careful not to make a mistake.
(Details will be announced later on this website.)

We are waiting for your participation!

February 3 (Thursday) Roppongi Hills 's Children's bean Morning party

The event "Bean Maki" wishing for a disease-free breath of a year was held here in Roppongi Hills this year too.

In spite of weekdays, 50 people gathered together for parents and children!
When demons come out, children throw things off beans or crying out ... (lol)
It became a lively bean season party.

I hope everyone will be healthy and happy this year!

January 18 (Tuesday) Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2011 New Year's party

The annual event of New Year " Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2011 New Year's party" was held.
About 250 people gathered this year, including autonomous members, Neighborhood Association Activities participants, and a New Year greetings.

Inside the venue, following J-WAVE's welcome drink booth, Ibaraki-shi booth, as well as last year,
8 shops from restaurants inside the hills booth, luxurious meals of various countries around the world are slurping.
I wonder if everyone who participated was very satisfied.

Thank you very much for your cooperation, such as assistance of the day, provision of prizes, opening of booths, etc.

January 17 (Monday) Roppongi Hills Earthquake Training

On the 17 th January, which is just 16 years after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, we conducted the Roppongi Hills earthquake disaster training.
Approximately 520 people gathered at Roppongi Hills Arena, the venue, residents, shop staff, office workers, neighborhood township associations
We conducted experience training such as AED · cardiopulmonary resuscitation and fire extinguisher training.

In case of emergency, to protect yourself yourself, and to help others around you,
Please continue participating in training.

January 15 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup

Congratulations, everyone!

The first cleanup in 2011 began in the extremely cold season with a temperature of 2 degrees.
There were 125 participants in all. Everyone, thank you again this year!

Mr. Saito of BlueMan Japan who took over the photographer this time.
I have taken a picture of the scrubbing scene of the second group.
Even so, everyone seems to be cold ...

After the end, Mr. Starbucks Coffee gave us a hojicha tea latte and coffee.
Hot drinks after cleaning in the extremely cold is awfully happy!
Thank you Starbucks, always.

The opening day of next month is February 19 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your participation!