Activity report 2015

December 19 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

This month, the end of the year, 143 people participated in this month, and after the cleaning activities held annual social gatherings.

The social gathering is held with gratitude and labor feelings to everyone who participated for 1 year.
Also, at the social gathering party, we will honor the winner of the year's participation award, but for this year we have 15 people! I really appreciate your work for one year.
For those who took the award, we gave an original pin badge.

Thank you very much for this activity, which is made up of many people participating, including everyone who has cooperated as a leader / sub leader every time.
Thank you again next year.

Next time: January 16, 2016 (Saturday)

November 21 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

We held a cleanup in November.

When I was accepting in the morning, the wind was strong and it was cold enough to feel winter was approaching my eyes, but the temperature went up while I was doing the cleaning activities, and the pleasant cleanup It has become a day-to-day schedule.

Hot coffee to drink with participants after cleaning was delicious. Starbucks Coffee, Thank you always! !

The next cleanup will be held last Saturday, December 19 (Sat).

A social gathering is scheduled to be held after the cleaning is over!

We are waiting for your participation.

November 1 (Sunday) Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association Flea market held

As part of the environmental beautification activities in fiscal 2015, we held a flea market at Roppongi Hills O-Yane Plaza on November 1.

A lot of inquiries were received from the flea market which is the fourth time this year as soon as I began notifying the opening, and it was 30 booths on the day and the largest number of store openings ever!
Many visitors came to all booths all day, and it ended successfully. Thank you very much for your opening store.

The total shopping fee (total ¥ 45,000) you received this time and the sales (¥ 25,927) received from some of the store openers will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society for Heavy Rain Disaster Relief such as the 19th Typhoon No. 18 I will.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation for reuse activities Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association !

October 17 (Saturday) Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Clean Up Held

In front of the "28th Tokyo International Film Festival" starting from October 22, in order to clean up the city of Roppongi which will be the venue, we will welcome domestic and international guests comfortably, this year "Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Cleanup (Hosted by the Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Committee) was held.

On the day it rained or stopped, I was bothered by the decision of implementation until just before the start ...
Unfortunately, only ceremonies were held, but in addition to usual members of Roppongi Cleanup, a total of 361 people, including local residents' associations, town councils, shopping malls, etc., had been applying.

At the ceremony, there were greetings from the Minato committee vice chairperson, Takei Minato ward, Shiina Chairman, and we got presents of original towels and gloves for everyone who gathered.

Next time cleanup will be held normally on Saturday, November 21.
We are waiting for your participation.

July 18 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

Clean-up in July was held in the fine weather rainy season.
There was a scene where a fairly strong wind was blowing and chases of garbage being blown were chased.

Among such bad conditions (?), People gathered for 140 people.
Thank you everyone.

The next cleanup will be held normally on August 15 (Saturday).
Since midsummer days have continued recently, we recommend that you make appropriate water supply etc. when participating, and let's take measures to prevent heat stroke thoroughly!

We are waiting for your participation.

June 20 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

The rainy season of this year was raining a lot at the weekend, and the day when it could not go out easily continued, but the thought of everyone was transmitted Or I held a cleanup of June in the best cleaning everyday .

Because it was the first time in two months, there seemed to be a lot of garbage this month, some people were filling bags when arriving at the recycling center.

In addition, there were 157 participants this month, and quite a lot of people as usual opening time!
Thank you everyone.

The next cleanup will be held regularly on Saturday, July 18th.
The rainy season will also start and it will be a hot season so please take all possible heat stroke measures when you participate.

We are waiting for your participation.

April 26 (Sun) Clean up Roppongi × Roppongi Cleanup Art Night Special 2015 held

In a pleasant weather, nearly 170 people gathered at Tokyo Midtown!
This time we cleaned up "Roppongi Art Night 2015" jointly with the party that cleanses Roppongi for the purpose of cleaning the city after the core time has ended.

While talking about Art Night's topics enjoyed by All Night and rising excitement with memorial shoot with Godzilla suddenly appeared, I left Midtown, divided into six groups and cleaned the streets of Roppongi.

This time, while also mentioning the number of people, the area of ​​cleaning was expanded, and the city became more beautiful than usual! What?

Everyone really thanks for your hard work!

The next cleanup will be held regularly on Saturday, June 20.
We are waiting for your participation.

March 21 (Sat · Holiday) Roppongi Cleanup held

March 21 (Sat, Holiday) Spring Equinox Day. Where is the warmth that feels the sign of spring in the past few days ...
We held a cleanup in March under the same cold weather as last month.
There are 133 participants. Thank you everyone.
Let's expect that it will be warm next month.

Next time will be held in collaboration with "Roppongi Art Night 2015" which became an annual event.

April 26 (Sun) 10: 00 ~ @ Tokyo Midtown Collection

Since it is different from usual such as holding time and meeting place, please attend after attention so that there is no mistake.

We are waiting for your participation.

February 21 (Saturday) Roppongi Cleanup held

Already on the calendar it is said that "spring", but the temperature is 2 degrees. For this month's cleanup,
It was held in extreme cold as usual. Even if there was no wind, I was saved.
During that period, 159 people participated.

Even if it is 10 minutes before the start, the person who comes to the reception is a thief.
"I can not come out of the futon in this cold weather. There is no choice but to do it," although I was prepared for a large number of absences,
Fifty minutes later it is a long line of reception at the reception ...
Everyone, thank you very much during the cold weather.
To the strength of everyone's will, the staff is very impressed (laugh)

Let's hope that the next month will be warm even a bit!

The next time is normally held on March 21 (Saturday · Holiday).
We are waiting for everyone's participation!

January 17 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

Happy New Year, everyone.

Under the clear weather of fine sunny weather, the first cleanup of 2015 was held.
It is a relatively cold day today, but it has been a relatively calm weather today.
There were 132 participants. Well, how many people from this group will be participating in this year ...

I wish you a year, this year as well.

Next time is held on February 21 (Saturday).
We are waiting for everyone's participation!