Activity report 2017

December 16 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held


Roppongi cleanup was held for the first time in November as Rainy Weather was canceled.

This month, 123 people participated and 1,326 people participated in Roppongi Cleanup in one year.
Also, it was the last activity of the year and we held a regular social gathering annually after the completion of the cleaning activity.

It is only by many people being able to continue activities for such long.
Thank you very much everyone.

Next time is held on January 20 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your participation.

October 1 (Sunday) Roppongi Cleanup Art Night Special 2017 held


This year we also carried out a cleanup activity with the members of the "Roppongi Cleaning Association".

During the autumnal weather, 130 people attended, everyone cleaned up the city of Roppongi.
Some of the participants also had small children and used the tongs well to pick up garbage at the roadside.
The goal is Roppongi Hills Arena. This year, I took a memorial photo in front of Mr. Mika Ninagawa who is the main program of Art Night with the theme of Asia.
Your fresh smile is impressive.

The next event will be cleanup of Minato Tokyo International Film Festival on Saturday, October 14th.
If you are planning to clean up the city of Roppongi together, please do not hesitate to join us.

August 19 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

During the very hot we held a cleanup in August.
This month we attended the 125 people.

The next Roppongi Cleanup will be Art Night Special on October 1 (Sun).
The meeting place is also a midtown at the meeting time (10:00) late than usual, so please take care that there is not a mistake.
※ There is no holding in September.

We are waiting for your participation.

July 15 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held


During the strong sunshine, we held a cleanup in July.

A total of 137 people participated this month.

Clean-up activities after the end it is you provide a delicious coffee from Starbucks's, but this month is eggcellent We had also pledged of egg tarts from san!
The combination of coffee and egg tart is the best.

Everyone, thank you for always having your cooperation.

The next Roppongi Cleanup will be held on Saturday, August 19th.
We are waiting for your participation.

June 17 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held


During the summer sunshine sweating a little walk, we held a cleanup in June.

This month, 147 people participated in this event.

How a couple of years this year, it has never stopped raining!
This year the cleanup holding may be able to aim for a full-time award.

The next Roppongi Cleanup will be held on Saturday, July 15th.
We are waiting for your participation.

May 20 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held


During the sunshine which made me feel the summer's visit, I held a cleanup in May.

135 people attended this month.

This time we did coffee time at Roppongi Hills Arena.
How was the coffee in a different atmosphere than usual?

The next Roppongi Cleanup will be held on Saturday, June 17.
We are waiting for your participation.

April 15 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held


Finally, the coldness was relieved, and the cold we had held last month held a cleanup in April, as we are lying like a lie.

134 people attended this month. If it exceeds 130 people, the line when first gathering will look very long.

In Roppongi Cleanup, we set up self-introduction time first.
Funny encounters may be waiting for you because people who are living, working people, and various people participate!
Please try to talk positively with everyone.

The next Roppongi Cleanup will be held on Saturday, May 20th.
We are waiting for your participation.

March 31 (Fri) - April 2 (Sun) Roppongi Hills Spring Festival 2017


"Roppongi Hills Spring Festival 2017" was held for three days from March 31 (Fri) to April 1 (Sun). It seemed that the cherry blossoms were just in full bloom, but in fact it is unfortunately rain on the 1st and 2nd day. Although it became a chilly start, on the third day the coldness was relieved and the cherry blossoms were at their best, the venue was full of customers waiting for the spring festival! It became a great success spring festival.

One of the highlights of this time is the Infiorator making pictures with flowers! This project that visitors can put flowers and participate themselves, a nice work is completed.

In the arena which finished the flattening work, you surround the Shabu-bashi, taste the warm atmosphere of the gourmet food stalls, listen to performances and performances slowly. Everyone's smile enjoying "unique cherry-shaped cherry-blossom viewing" unique to Roppongi Hills with their families and friends was impressive.

At Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association tent, play stalls of "Ringtone" and "Captain Kid" are very popular! Children who seriously challenge the prizes wanted from various kinds, parents and self-governing members who wish to watch over the situation, their parents' support voice grows bigger. It became a fun space where laughter will not stop for three days.
At " Keyakizaka Complex Rooftop Garden ", an open garden is held once a year. Following last year, volunteers from autonomous members guided themselves as guides, and it was an opportunity to send one more attraction of Roppongi Hills many people!
Thanks to the cooperation of many people this year, we were able to successfully hold the spring festival.
Thank you really for three days! !

March 18 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held


We held a cleanup in March.
66 At the Plaza the tulips are in full bloom, and the climate has come to spring.
Even though I said that it was still March, despite the cold wind blowing up, 123 people participated.

This month will be held at Roppongi Hills Arena on March 31, April 1 to 2, "Roppongi Hills Spring Festival"It will be held!
Concepts is "Tokyo-shaped cherry-blossom viewing", which is a traditional custom of Japanese cherry-blossom viewing, like Roppongi Hills , arranged in contemporary style.
Street of Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association has been playing stalls this year, please come by all means.

The next Roppongi Cleanup will be held on Saturday, April 15th.
We are waiting for your participation.

March 10 (Fri) Roppongi Hills Earthquake Training


Roppongi Hills earthquake disaster training was carried out before the 6th year on March 11th from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Since Roppongi Hills Arena is under construction this year, it was carried out after moving the venue to the large roof plaza.

Approximately 900 people gathered in the large roof plaza which became the hall, including residents, shop staff, office workers, neighborhood township associations and others.

Roppongi Hills about 100,000 meals of emergency food, as well as blankets, medicines, and simple toilets for disasters.
Also, based on the agreement with Minato Ward, we are preparing to accept 5,000 people who have difficulty coming home.

We will ask you to participate in the training so that you can have "self-help" to protect yourself yourself in case of emergencies, and "co-help" to help neighboring people.

Roppongi Cleanup held on Saturday, February 18


We held a cleanup in February.
Although 66 tulips began to bloom at 66 Plaza, 66 plaza of cleanup activity time is extremely cold. Despite holding the coldest in the year, 139 people participated this month.

In Roppongi Cleanup, they are divided into 5 groups and are carrying out cleanup activities.
There are people of "Leader" and "Sub Leader" in each group, but we are asking all the general participants.

Only with the cooperation of the leader / sub-leader, about 30 members can safely clean up activities.
Thank you very much for your leader / sub-leader!

Next time is held on March 18 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your participation.

January 21 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held


Congratulations, everyone!
January 21, the first cleanup of 2017 participated in 137 people.
Roppongi Cleanup began in 2003 and will celebrate 15 years in this year.
Based on the "ordinance to make safe and secure Minato-ku" at the end of last year, it was appreciated that it contributed to promoting safe and secure city development (fostering regional ties and improving crime prevention awareness) I received an award.
Thanks to everyone's participation and cooperation, we are able to continue this activity.
thank you very much!

I would like to participate in many people this year, and I would like to make the city of Roppongi more beautiful.

Next time is held on February 18 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your participation.

January 16 (Monday) Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2017 New Year's party


The annual event of New Year " Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2017 New Year's party" was held.
This year, the venue will be held for the first time in Hollywood Hall on the 5th floor of Roppongi Hills Hollywood Beauty Plaza.
About 300 people gathered more than usual times, such as autonomous members and Neighborhood Association Activities participants, and gave a new year's greeting.

At the venue, we participated in nine stores from J-WAVE, Inc. 's welcome drink booth and other eating and drinking establishments in Roppongi Hills . A variety of dishes were served, and everyone who participated could have enjoyed a luxurious cuisine.

In addition, this year we gave a performance to everyone of "SBM Jazz" who is involved with music lovers including professionals and is active. In the last song, "Let's walk upwards", everyone participating was singing along with hand clapping, and the venue was united by a nice choir.
And at the annual lottery held annually, the venue is exciting to announce luxury prizes. A great cheer celebrated as the winners were announced, which was a time of great excitement.
This New Year's party is held in cooperation Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association . I have been preparing for the executive committee from November. Thank you very much for everyone who helped in advance, on the day's support, offering prizes, opening a booth and so on.

I would appreciate your favor in this year.