Activity Report 2018

Roppongi Cleanup held on Saturday, December 15


Roppongi Cleanup, the last activity in 2018, 127 people gathered to clean up the city of Roppongi in the cold weather at 4 degrees Celsius this day.

After the cleaning activity, we held a social gathering party for a year 's labor.
Those who participated in all activities are honored as "award-winning prize", but this year 8 people received the award. A celebrated Roppongi cleanup badge is presented, and a big applause comes from the venue!
Some of the winners are looking for the coming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and want to greet people gathered from all over the world in a beautiful city, there are also people who work for many years.
We also held a quiz tournament on the activities of the Environmental Beautification Subcommittee, and gifts for the winning team were presented, and we were looking forward to seeing you again in the peaceful atmosphere and next year in good health.

Next year will mark the 15th year since Roppongi Cleanup started.
Thanks to the cooperation of various people, we were able to continue activities. I would be happy if we could join a crowd of people again next year.
Good work every year for this year. Thank you very much!

November 29 (Thursday) "Autumn meeting" held


Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association , various events are carried out throughout the year so that as many as one autonomous member can easily interact across houses and workplace barriers.

"The gathering of autumn" was held in front of Shikisuke. At the venue of Roppongi Hills Residences 43th floor "Sky Lounge" overlooking the night view, we had a delicious hand cuisine and after-dinner sweets and spent a relaxing moment like home party.

On this day, everyone from Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture, who is joining us at the rooftop garden events this week, is also coming and we are going to visit areas such as rice balls of Gujo City brand rice balls, ham, zucot cake, We ordered the special products of our company.

Some of the gathered people participated for the first time this year, some people joined for the first time last year and some people came to look forward to this year, and the first time people are looking at each other, it seems that the conversation is playing very happily I caught it.

And it is a quiz game that excites with autumn gathering.

The winner this year, Roppongi Hills of HILLSIDE are gifts fir tree that has been sold in the first floor, the child who hit it took the voice of "Congratulations!" From everyone.
Perhaps now, do you enjoy the Christmas tree decorated with your family?

As well as a friendly atmosphere this year, the party opened with a warm feeling.

The next Neighborhood Association Activities is December 15 (Saturday) the last Roppongi clean-up in the year.
After the end of the activity, we are planning a social gathering to celebrate the year.

People living in Roppongi Hills , working people, everyone is an autonomous member.

There may be people who have never participated in Neighborhood Association Activities so far, but everyone is friendly. If you have an interesting events , please do not hesitate to bring your face. We look forward to!

November 4 (Sun) Roppongi Hills Flea Market


Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association has three axes, "Safety and Security Activities" aiming for a safe city planning, "Community activities" to create connections with people, "Community Contribution Activities" for revitalizing the Roppongi area We are doing activities.

Roppongi Hills Flea Market was held every year as a part of the "Community Contribution Activities", a part of reuse activities sponsored by the Environment Beautification Subcommittee, and this year it was held on Sunday, November 4 (Sunday) when I miss the winter products . It was held seven times this year, I was completely settled as a fallen poetry, many people queued before the opening.

The merchants Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association in the people of the member, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, toys, tableware, etc., from those of everyday use up to luxury goods, only those nice personality of you is transmitted is sorted in storefront. It was striking that enjoying exchanges with society was comfortable, with comfortable people coming in every afternoon on a Sunday a laid-back afternoon, and bringing in coffee and snacks.

The venue is crowded with customers who are happy to find a bargain, customers who talk conversing happily with the store, and customers who go through booths all the while.

We were worried about the weather such as light rain on the way, but the temperature was not low so much and this year also ended successfully.

Together with the store opening fee of 42,000 yen and the donation from the store's sale 5,300 yen, through the Japanese Red Cross Society, we donated it as the Hokkaido Ballistic Eastern Earthquake Disaster Relief donation for Heisei 30.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation in this year's reuse activities, for everyone who has opened stores.

October 13 (Saturday) Tokyo International Film Festival Minato cleanup holding!

Image image

This month's Roppongi cleanup, that before the "Tokyo International Film Festival 31st" beginning on 25 (Thursday), the come your movies officials and movie fans from around the world, trying to pick up a clean city Concepts Under the "Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Committee" formed in Minato Ward town council, self-governing association, shopping district, etc.

Although it felt a bit chilly in autumn, this year was held for the first time in two years, in the state that everyone was looking forward to the crowd, at the ceremony, following Suwari chairman of the "Tokyo International Film Festival Minato Committee" , Mr. Koyanagu of Minato Ward, Mr. Hisamatsu of Festival Director of Tokyo International Film Festival, greeted me and celebrated the event.

Normally it is divided into 5 groups and cleaning up the city of Roppongi, about 300 people gathered for this day, divided into 10 groups and started cleaning at the same time!

Roppongi Intersection, centering around the usual range, picking up garbage and collecting garbage for a full track in about an Hours .

As a memorial ceremony, stylish towels were dealt with a patterned glove of bright blue with a logo of the Tokyo International Film Festival and a pattern reminiscent of light blue, Qinghai wave as well.

The 31st Tokyo International Film Festival will be held from Thursday, 25th November to Saturday, public holiday , November 3rd. Please look forward to the works and events interest, please extend your legs!

The next event will be held on November 17 (Saturday). Together with us, let's clean the city of Roppongi!

August 24 (Fri) - 26 (Sun) Roppongi Hills Bon dance 2018

Image image

Roppongi Hills Summer Festival, Roppongi Hills Bon dancing was held for three days from Friday, August 24th to Sunday the 26th.

As the eve of the evening on the first day, I play a music theater Roppongi. This year, I practiced repeatedly while fighting the heat wave not in the usual year, and on the day I stepped on the big stage while a lot of people were watching. It was honored with a big applause, and it seems that people participating for the first time also felt a sense of accomplishment and impression "I want to go out again next year!"

The second day is Bon dancing at last. Traditional Bon Odori "Gujo dance" of Gifu County Gujo Hachiman was also performed, and many of you surrounded the owner looking happily.

At Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association, we opened a familiar playroom stand "Captain Kid" and "Ring Throw" and this was also a great success. To challenge the ringing a number of times, to commemorate with Captain Kid Photo:, everyone of the autonomous members smiled to the cute smile of their children. Before I knew it, I gave away many prizes and toys for sweets.

On the third day of the final day, one of the showrooms is the intangible folk cultural property "Guma Taiko dancing" that is transmitted to Togari Town in Gifu Prefecture. A dancer with a big drum that I had never seen attracted people gathered at the venue.

further, Keyakizaka So kids work Shops The "Doraemon Mikoshi Parade" was held in addition to the "Idoshiki Children's Day", and the participating children walked along with the "Washshoi" scream.

When the sunset is over, the Bon Odori also has a climax, and the circle of dancing has expanded and steadily. Roppongi Hills Bon dance which ended in a great success this year, being blessed with weather for three days.

I can hardly wait for the next year's holding as soon as possible!

May 27th (Sun) Clean up Roppongi × Roppongi Cleanup Roppongi Art Night Special 2018 held


Roppongi Art Night Special was held once a year in a cheerful sweaty atmosphere.
The starting place is Tokyo Midtown. About 140 people gathered on this day.
Starting cleaning with Mr. Minagawa, who is going to clean up Roppongi, and greeting by the chairman of the environmental beautification department at Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association.
With the focus on Roppongi intersection, I divided into 5 groups and cleaned up each course, thanks to everyone, we were able to hold a safe and clean Roppongi Art Night on the second day.

At the end, I will take a commemorative Photo: at Roppongi Hills Arena which will be the goal and it will be dissolved.
Just as the cleaning was over, Roppongi Art Night 2nd day began, so I think that many people enjoyed inside the venue surely.

The next event will be held on Saturday, June 16.
Kanto also rainy season, but I hope that it will be sunny on the day.
Next time will also be waiting for the participation of many of you.

April 21 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held


On this day blessed with fine weather, from the morning wrapped in spring like cheerfully, 154 people participated.
People who participate for the first time pick up garbage that is falling by the side of the road with a sweat pleasant feeling.
The garbage gathered steadily in the bag, and by the time we returned the course, the conversation between the participants for the first time was out.
As the city gets cleaner, the heart will also become fresh.
After the cleaning is over, coffee time and cozy time with a special blend commemorating the 15th anniversary of Roppongi Hills opening.
The enjoyment of Roppongi Cleanup is one of getting to know a lot of people.

Next time is May 27 (Sun) "Roppongi Art Night Special 2018".
"Roppongi Art Night 2018" will be held on May 26 (Saturday) and 27 (Sunday), but this year we will tie up with "Roppongi Cleaning Association" to join the region together I will clean the city.
After enjoying Roppongi Art Night , why do not you clean up the city together?
The meeting place is Tokyo Midtown, it is 10 o'clock in the morning!

We are waiting for your participation.

January 20 (Sat) Roppongi Cleanup held

Congratulations, everyone!

118 people participated in the first cleanup of the New Year.
A very cold day continued, but we were able to hold it in the relatively warm weather.

Let's all do your best aim for everyone this year!

Next time is held on February 17 (Saturday).
We are waiting for your participation.

January 15 (Monday) Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2018 New Year's party


The annual event of the New Year " Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2018 New Year's party" was held.
Following last year, the venue was Hollywood Hall on Roppongi Hills Hollywood Beauty Plaza 5th Floor.
About 300 people gathered together, including autonomous members, participants in Neighborhood Association Activities .

Management of the New Year's party was conducted by autonomous members voluntarily and welcomed everyone who visited.
J-WAVE, Inc. 's welcome drink booth, we participated in 9 restaurants in Roppongi Hills and the taste of pride was received. While tasting the delicious taste of each, it seems that everyone's conversation was felt.

In addition, this year, everyone, mainly the vice chairmen of Ishii of the self-governing body, gave ukulele performances and hula dances. When the performance began, the venue quickly became the atmosphere of Hawaiian every summer. Alcohol also progressed as well, and the party got excited more.

Late awaited drawing for the final stage. The venue is also exciting to announce luxury prizes. Every time the winning number was read aloud the cheers rose.
With a smiley smile and a big applause, this year's New Year's party opened with a three-maned celebration celebrating everyone's health.
Thank you to everyone who participated.
Everyone who helped with the management was very cheers for good work.

Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association we will do various activities this year as well to expand the circle of people living here and working people through various events.
Since we have published annual calendar on HP, everyone who has not participated yet, please join Neighborhood Association Activities.

Also in 2018, I would like to thank you.