Activity Report 2020

Medical gown project


The third initiative in the Corona War!

In response to opinions from autonomous members that they would like to carry out social contribution activities for Corona, the "Medical Gown Project" has been launched as a volunteer activity that can be done at home to produce and donate medical gowns!
With the cooperation of NPO Hands-on Tokyo (*) led by members of the Community Contribution Subcommittee, this project was realized.

According to a questionnaire to 234 facilities in Tokyo by the Tokyo Metropolitan Nursing Association, "Nursing staff who deal with corona are in trouble", 82% of the facilities are "insufficient personal protective equipment" (mainly medical gowns and face shields). ) Was given as the most common answer. (From an article in the Nikkei newspaper on Thursday, September 3)

Among the problems of medical supplies shortage due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, I heard that medical gowns (handmade gowns) are still required not only by medical institutions but also by many facilities such as nursing care facilities and nursing homes. We are doing it.

  • It is the only affiliated organization in Japan, the world's largest volunteer organization with 208 bases in 37 countries around the world. Throughout the year, we carry out various support activities mainly for orphanages, mother and child support facilities, infant facilities, and facilities for the elderly, as well as support for various areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

For two days, October 9th (Friday) and 10th (Saturday), we held an explanation / production lecture session using online (Zoom) together, and about 30 people participated.
After explaining the outline of the project, Dr. Yoshiko Ida and Dr. Shoyo Otsuka, who will give a lecture this time, taught us the production procedure online, and all the participants actually worked on the production of the gown.
Hours do unfamiliar work, and although I was struggling, the participants followed each other and enjoyed completing the gown.

Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association Online Summer Gathering


The second effort in the corona wreck!

The total number of participants is about 45 groups and 90 people! Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association Online Summer Gathering

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection, various events such as Roppongi Hills Bon Odori have been canceled, and the Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association has launched the first online system Zoom with the aim of maintaining connections between autonomous members. We held a social gathering "Online Summer Gathering" on Saturday, August 29th!

The online summer gathering has started with the original video looking back on Neighborhood Association Activities and the opening remarks and toasts by Chairman Kondo!
The moderator was Hosoi, Chairman of the Environmental Beautification Department.
As a device that everyone at home can enjoy with a sense of unity, a special product that can be enjoyed at home at 5 restaurants in the Hills, centering on the shops that open at Bon Odori stalls every year. Thank you for providing the hors d'oeuvre set and snacks. In addition, we received delicious water from Toyama Prefecture, which we are with at this year's roof garden events.
At the relay corner, Mr. Ishii, Chairman of the Public Relations and Diversification Promotion Department, introduced the restaurants that provided the hors d'oeuvre set, and Toyama Prefecture introduced Toyama Prefecture from the antenna Shops Nihonbashi. ..

  • All the stores who participated this time (in no particular order): DIYA INDIAN RESTAURANT, Chinese Golden Tiger, Barbacoa, Bikini Sis, Grand Food Hall

In the next quiz corner, quizzes related to Roppongi Hills were given. Participants were divided into four groups, and while communicating within the groups, they came up with one answer. The final result was a tie for all teams, so the team representative played "rock-paper-scissors" online and the winning team was decided. The winning team was presented with a ticket to the Mori Art Museum.
And finally, special guest Jiro Roppongi has arrived!
Jiro Roppongi's recent status report and recital, and finally the long-awaited Roppongi Ropponjin ondo("Roppongi folk dance") were presented. Some people danced while looking at the screen, others listened carefully, and everyone was enjoying this summer as they wished.

At the end, Vice Chairman Nakae gave a closing remark, and all the participants took a commemorative Photo:to open the online summer gathering.

The first online events was held in a different summer, and everyone was thrilled with expectations and anxieties, but many people enthusiastically participated in new and extremely challenging initiatives that have never been seen before. I was able to feel the awesomeness of Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association again.
I can't wait to hold it in a real place, but I'm still working on a new project for the Corona Sorrow, which is typical of the Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association! Please look forward to it and join us! I have it.

Zoom study session


The first initiative in the corona wreck!

A study session on the online conference system Zoom was held for two days, August 21st (Friday) and 22nd (Saturday), with the aim of learning new communication methods for Coronavirus.
A total of 20 people, 10 people each day, participated and gave lectures on how to use Zoom (Internet connection method, Zoom login method, Zoom usage method, etiquette) centered on the members of the Public Relations and Diversification Promotion Subcommittee.

At first, many people had anxious facial expressions, but they took this opportunity to work diligently, and by the time they returned home, everyone had learned how to use it.
Some of them said "I want to know more!" For two days in a row, and I could see the smiles of many participants. It was a very fulfilling study session.
Through this study session, I was able to reaffirm the importance of teaching, learning, and cooperating with other autonomous members because it is difficult to get together in a real place.

The Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association will continue to make new efforts in With Corona until the day comes when we can meet again in real life. If you are interested, please join us.

Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2020 New Year's Party


Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2020 New Year's Party

January 15 (Wed) “ Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association 2020 New Year Party” was held at Mori Tower, 49th floor Academy Hills.
Due to the big event at the beginning of the year, about 250 people in total gathered, including self-government members and those who are usually taking care of at Neighborhood Association Activities.

After greetings from Chairman Tanizawa, New Year party started with a toast by Vice Chairman Suzuki.
At the venue on the day, including the opening of "Tetsu-chan", which opened for the first time this year, the cooperation of 10 restaurants in the hills, a welcome drink by J-WAVE, Inc. a strawberry from Ibaraki-ichi Market prepared as much as last year Very luxurious food was served!

  • Participating stores (in any order): Starbucks Coffee, eggcellent, Crème de la Crème, DIYA INDIAN RESTAURANT, Chinese Golden Tiger, Azabu Hisatoku, Barbacoa, Bricollage Bread & Company, Grand Food Hall, Tetsuchan ( First store)

While many people enjoyed meals and conversations while greeting the New Year, the annual lottery was also held. In the announcement of the winning number, prizes will be handed out to the winners from each chairman, including Chairman Tanizawa, and the atmosphere of the venue will be at its peak!

The party was closed by Vice Chairman Nakae, and the 2020 New Year Party was held.

Thank you very much for visiting us during your busy time.
This year was a wonderful meeting full of many smiles and laughter.

This was the New Year of the annual event events is, we have to prepare to center residents' associations of the various parts chairman, the people of the people and the executive committee of the Community Committee. Thanks to the self-government members who helped with the preparation for the day before and the operation of the day, everyone who cooperated!

Roppongi Hills Neighborhood Association will continue various activities this year so that people who live and work in the Hills have the opportunity to interact. An annual calendar is posted on the website, so we look forward to your participation in the events. Thank you again in 2020.