The Rooftop Garden in Fall

A somewhat cooler breeze blows through the rooftop garden, causing the red dragonflies to dance around the silver grass. One can feel a deepening sense of the coming fall.

August: Rice harvest

The end of the summer is the time to harvest the ripened rice. A hoe is used for this task. At first, the children wield their hoes gingerly and tentatively, but they gradually put their backs into it and cut the rice stalks down. Somehow it is a scene that evokes the promise of fall.

September: Threshing

After harvesting, the shade of the rice was shaded for about 10 days, then threshing. The pedals of old-fashioned stepping thresher are rowed strongly by the children and dropped fir from the dried rice bundle.

Planting winter vegetables

Different vegetables are grown in this field, basically separated into summer and winter. The planting of the winter vegetables begins in September. The seeds are chosen carefully to ensure that they are companion plants, in an effort to protect the crops from insect damage without the use of chemicals.

Red dragonflies

Did jaggies in the roof garden become adults? A beautiful red mambo-colored red dragonfly tail. I am flying sweet around rice ear.

Silver grass

This is a silver grass called “fountain grass” that is so rare in Japan it does not yet have a Japanese name.