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    Curry Grand Prix2022

  • [3/26SAT.-5/8SUN.]
  • Grand Prix announcement!
  • 「デリシャス」「インパクト」「クリエイティビティ」各3部門のグランプリが決定!
    六本木ヒルズの新たな食の祭典として開催し、多くのみなさまにご好評いただきました「六本木ヒルズ カレーグランプリ 2022」が5月8日をもって終了いたしました。みなさまの投票により、全18のカレーの中から、美味しさが評価された「デリシャス賞」、見た目の迫力が評価された「インパクト賞」、そしてシェフのアイデアに捧げる「クリエイティビティ賞」の各部門のグランプリを発表いたします!


This campaign will be held on May 8th.
It has ended.
Many participation & application
Thank you very much!

Stamp RallyIf you eat one plate, get one stamp!
If you collect three, you can use it next time
For a discount ticket for 500 yen (tax included)!
Expiration date: March 26th (Sat) -May 8th (Sun)

One stamp will be stamped for each dish of curry rice for this project.
If you collect 3 stamps, you can use it as a discount coupon for 500 yen (tax included) of this project curry rice next time.
* We appreciate your understanding.
* Only one discount ticket can be used per transaction.
* Discount tickets cannot be exchanged for cash or other ticket types.
* Hills point registration is not applicable to the use of discount coupons.
* Curry bread is not eligible for the stamp rally.

Present campaignWin a total of 20 people by lottery!
Roppongi Hills Curry Grand Prix 2022
"Original long T-shirt"
Present campaign!
Application period: March 26th (Sat) -May 8th (Sun)

Application method
Chance ①: Instagram follow & "Like" (10 people by lottery)
Roppongi Hills Official Instagram during the period (@roppongihillsofficial) Follow & complete your application with "Like" to post your favorite curry rice
Chance ②: Eat curry rice and vote for the questionnaire (10 people by lottery)
Eat the curry rice you have entered, vote for the questionnaire from the 2D code written on the stamp card, and complete the application
◆ Notes
1. Regarding chance ①
* lottery results will be notified directly to the winners via Instagram direct message.
* Instagram messages will be sent from the Roppongi Hills official account (@roppongihillsofficial). Please be careful about spoofing accounts.
* Those who have a private account or Roppongi Hills account (@roppongihillsofficial) will not be selected.
2. Regarding chance ②
* The lottery results will be notified directly to the winners by email [@ mori.co.jp].
* Since the email will be sent from the domain [@ mori.co.jp], if you have set anti-spam measures or domain-designated reception, please register so that you will receive the contact email.
3. Common precautions
* Those who do not respond to messages / emails within the deadline ・ If you do not provide information such as your address after contacting the winner, the winner will be invalid.
* Personal information provided by the winners will be used only for information on winning this campaign, identity verification, and prize shipping, and will not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of contacting us regarding this matter.
* Prizes will be shipped in June 2022.
* Prizes can only be sent within Japan. We may not be able to send it due to unknown customer's address or moving address.
* Please note that this campaign is subject to change or cancellation without notice.
* Organizer: Roppongi Hills
Voting method

As of May 8th
Voting is no longer accepted.

Roppongi Hills Curry Grand Prix
2022 Voting method
-Your vote determines the top of the three categories of "taste," "impact (appearance)," and "creativity."

Eat the curry rice targeted for this project,
Get a stamp card!
Go to the voting page from the 2D code on the stamp card!
Vote for your favorite curry rice!
* Please answer once for each curry dish


What kind of curry do you like?Curry Interview

There are many different types and ways to enjoy curry.
We asked everyone who loves curry to talk about their love for curry.
  • Makoto Sakurai(Dragon Ash)

    Musician. Served as MC for Fuji TV NEXT "Spice Traveler".

    What is your favorite curry?
    I like the refreshing and simple chicken curry that is a little smooth.
    What is your favorite side dish you want to eat together?
    There is a kind of Indian snack called papad, which is made of beans, and it has a crispy texture and is addictive.
    What drink would you like to drink with curry?
    Spicy curry and cold beer are the best! I think that chai and lassi go well with curry, just like the locals.
    What are your memorable memories of curry?
    When I visited the restaurant for the first time to learn Indian curry on a certain program a few years ago, could such a delicious curry be completed in no time without using roux? I was shocked, and from there I was fascinated by the world of spices, and now I have dozens of spices at home lol.
    Please tell us about your commitment to curry.
    I think that curry is a dish that clearly shows the individuality of the maker, so if you visit the store and imagine how the owner came to this curry, the curry will be more fun and delicious. increase!
  • Rinko MurataMr. Miss

    model. He is the author of "Rinko Murata's Curry Biiki" (Magazine House).

    What is your favorite curry?
    Spice curry. There are as many encounters and discoveries as there are shops in one dish that is not bound by the rules and mixes the feelings of the creator.
    What's the best idea to say, "This is the curry ingredient!"
    I like curry made with mackerel.
    What is your favorite side dish you want to eat together?
    Eggplant Mauges. It is a side dish of Sri Lanka. With this alone, you can eat many cups of rice ...!
    Do you have any memories of curry?
    I made more friends because of the curry. A special food for me that makes a connection.
    Why is curry so loved?
    The capacity of taste! !! !! !!
  • Indo Curry childMr. Miss

    Spice cooking expert. In addition to running the spice specialty store "Korinkan", he has written many books.

    What is your favorite curry?
    Indian curry. Especially in South Indian curry, I love veggie (vegetarian curry) around Tamil Nadu, where the city of Chennai is located, so much that I want to eat it every day.
    How do you usually enjoy curry?
    I make and eat at home every day. It's like a daily meal.
    What's the best idea to say, "This is the curry ingredient!"
    I like beans and vegetables, but mackerel curry made from delicious boiled mackerel cans is often made and served by people who are new to spice curry.
    Why is curry so loved?
    Because it has a scent and stimulus that Japanese Cuisine does not have. I think spices cannot be replaced by the seasonings used in Japanese Cuisine. Very delicious food is highly addictive though it is highly novel!
    Please tell us about your commitment to curry.
    Basically hand-cooked. Drinks are water or plain hot water. After enjoying each curry and side dish, mix multiple types and mix them all at the very end. When I go out to eat, I want to concentrate on curry, so I only go with one person or someone who doesn't mind.
  • MassiMr. Miss

    Japanese-Italy interpreter. He is the author of "KADOKAWA, a Japanese god gourmet that Italian Massi smashed into."

    What is your favorite curry?
    I like curry that is rich and full of ingredients and feels spicy.
    What are your memorable memories of curry?
    At a curry shop in a chain store, I asked for 10 spicy foods and couldn't stand it from the first bite, but I thought I'd give it a try and tried my best to finish it, and as a result, my shirt became soaked.
    Do you eat curry in Italy?
    Curry is a spice in Italy and is often used as a flavor when used. It was the first time in Japan that I met curry rice, and I was surprised that it was too far from the image of spices, and I said "Umauma!"
    Please tell me how to enjoy curry normally.
    Sprinkle cheese on a tomato-based curry to give it an Italian flavor and enjoy a new Italian you can't imagine. At home, you can sprinkle olive oil on it to make it look like risotto. I'm sure it fits the taste of Italians.

Exquisite curry breadSuperb Curry Bread

Curry bread that everyone loves. There are many unique gems, so why not try and compare them?
All of them are very popular and may be sold out in the evening, so if you want to get one, make a reservation.

* Curry bread is not subject to stamp rally or voting.

  • eggcellenteggcellent

    A blend of more than 10 kinds of spices, and a keema curry that has been spicy and spicy with green pepper is packed with potatoes and soft-boiled eggs. Of course, you can eat it as it is, but if you take it home, you can moisten it with water and re-bake it with a toaster to make it crispy and delicious.

    [Area]HILLSIDE B1F
    [Hours] 8:00 to 21:00

    Grilled mashed potato curry bread¥ 410 (tax included)

    Smooth mashed potatoes with fresh cream added to Hokkaido potatoes.

    Soft-boiled egg baked curry bread¥ 410 (tax included)

    The spicy curry and the mellowness of the melted soft-boiled egg go great together!

  • boulangerie Bonheurboulangerie Bonheur

    The batter made from coarse homemade bread crumbs has a crispy and light texture, and the dough is fluffy. The original curry is filled with beef and the fruit adds sweetness and richness. It is a curry bread that can be eaten by the whole family and make you happy. We serve freshly fried hot meat every Hours.

    [Area] NORTH TOWER B1F
    [Hours] 8:00 to 21:00 (10:00 on Sundays)

    Happy curry bread ¥ 314 (tax included)

    A deep-tasting curry that combines the flavor of beef with the sweetness of fruit.

  • LA BOUTIQUE de Joël RobuchonLA BOUTIQUE de Joël Robuchon

    Robuchon's beloved baked curry bread has been a long-selling product that has been popular in stores for over 10 years. The curry, which was jointly developed with the Restaurants chef, uses 13 kinds of spices, and the slightly fragrant five-spice powder adds depth to the taste. The ingredients change every season, and you can enjoy seasonal vegetables.

    [Area]HILLSIDE 2F
    [Hours] 10: 00-21: 00

    Robuchon's curry bread ¥ 340 (tax included)

    With lotus root and cheese in winter. Look forward to new limited-edition vegetables coming out in the spring!

* Contents such as provision Hours are subject to change without notice.