Rooftop garden activities

Experience city's nature and Japanese culture

At Roppongi Hills, The rooftop garden is used as a stage for a variety of engagements, with the goal of promoting the creation of green spaces in the city and bringing nature closer to the city. We are helping you to get to know the food culture and traditional culture of Japan through experiences such as making rice and vegetables and observing animals and plants, and to create opportunities to think about the environment and food education I will.

Efforts in rice paddies

Of usually private rooftop garden, Roppongi Hills such as providing the opportunity of a target in rice experience towards the direction and Otsutome you live in Roppongi Hills has been used as a place for community activities.
It is also a place to experience and disseminate Japanese culture through collaboration with prefectures.

Efforts at the vegetable garden

I am challenging vegetable making in a vegetable garden of 45 meters above the ground.
In 2007 and 2008, work to experience the importance of "environment" and "food" through the green of the city Shops"Edu children's garden in Roppongi Hills Carried out.

Open Garden

We have the opportunity to experience the normally closed rooftop garden.

  • Term limited, occasional holding